A multi-award winning Ed-Tech company that specializes in growth and social emotional learning tools for children with multicultural backgrounds.

We create science based digital & scalable tools for children to improve their social-emotional resilience and equipping  teachers and parents with tools that turn schools and homes into safe environments of growth that foster children's thriving. 


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Sarah's Journey

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A modern-day saga
that stretches over seas and continents... 

Sarah's Journey is based on the true stories of the children of Syria. It has been developed together with children, therapists and experts over several years, to provide all children with tools for coping with the challenges they face in life, both large and small. 

Along her journey, Sarah will encounter loss and uncertainty. 

Will she be able to overcome the obstacles in her path? 


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Program1: Integration


Designed to promote a healthy and productive attitude towards diversity and inclusion in society.


Themes: mutual respect, empathy, acceptance, communication, teamwork, friendship, belonging.



Program2: Emotional Intelligence


Designed to promote self-assurance and a healthy approach to overcoming personal struggles.


Themes: resilience, empowerment, mutual respect, perspective, empathy, communication, friendship.


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