Our mission is to make psychosocial support accessible to all children through science, storytelling and technology.

We build engaging, gamified, scalable tools to help children cope with life challenges, build strong emotional intelligence, and develop empathy towards others.


Easy to Access

The Kidnovation digital platform makes our modular programs easy for children to access through schools, healthcare providers and humanitarian organisations.


Easy to Measure

Our specially developed digital tool supplies teachers, social workers and therapists with real-time indicators of each child's emotional status. This allows them to gain a more accurate picture of the child's mental health, so that they can spontaneously adjust their approach and measure impact.


Innovative & Impactful

We transform proven therapy methods and social education into stories and games that children can easily grasp an want to engage with. In doing so, we create a safe zone for children to express their feelings and communicate with teachers, social workers and therapists, allowing problems to be spotted sooner so tha proper support can be provided.

The stories we create are a toolkit for children, teachers and educators as well as parents.


We would love to tell you more, and help you add Kidnovation's digital platform for children to your program or curriculum.


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