Connecting the dots...

KIDNOVATION projects are created by enthusiasts who have had first hand experiences with the challenges that they are solving. The projects we deliver are the result of a careful consultation with scientists and experts in their field, and with creative artists who add their magic touch to make beautiful products.

The Kidnovation family

KIDNOVATION was founded by a Syrian refugee with the help of a diverse network of professionals from all around the world. Their collaboration helped to develop "Sarah's Journey" and to bring KIDNOVATION to life.




Our mission

We want to create children’s literature that bridges cultures and turns differences into an enrichment rather than a source of distance between people.

We want every child to feel at home. 


Our vision

A world where every child has a story to relate to, a role-model to get inspired by, and a dream to believe in. 




  •          When children and youths are displaced, they face challenges in finding their own identity and fitting into a new society which has different social measurements such as beauty, self-worth, success and happiness.

  •         The absence of supporting tools and stories with diverse role-models that children can relate to has severe effects on their personalities and can result in low self-esteem, feeling marginalized, doubting their abilities and a feeling of not belonging.

  •          These effects will increase the danger of segregated societies, and will leave them vulnerable towards the bad storytellers such as traffickers, drug dealers and extremists.

Our solution

  • We create inspiring stories in the forms of books, comics, films, games, apps and music, with characters that share the children’s diverse backgrounds and experiences and form inspirational role models.

  • Together with our experts and collaborators, we structure stories to help children reach a better understanding of themselves, value of their own worth, capabilities and beauty, and raise their own self-esteem. We encourage them to dream limitless and believe in their ability to achieve their dreams.

  • By guiding them to find a safe home within themselves, we help them relate to the hosting societies in a healthy way that makes them creative and positive members of the society.  

  • We raise the society’s awareness of the beauty of diversity and gender equality and of the importance of peaceful dialogue as a mean for building powerful inter-connected societies. We aim to contribute to building cohesive healthy societies around the world.