Sarah's Journey ...Dreams make any place Home

An epic adventure with a refugee girl as hero character

The story is about Sarah, a cheerful girl who sees the world in her own unique way.


A war starts in her country and she goes on an adventurous journey to find a new home.


Sarah is brave and curious; she learns many new things along the way. 

Inspired by true stories told by children

The story is based on real stories, The author (who is also a refugee) spent 14 months meeting different children and listening to their stories. Many experts in child psychology were also consulted.

It explains the hard things in a soft way

What if a war was just the result of a conflict? What if it was the result of a lack of love and peaceful dialog?  Can we avoid it by accepting simply each other? What if children were explained in very simple terms the reasons behind conflicts? What if they already understood more than adults do?