I am a grownup with three white hair in my beard, but I still see the world with the eyes of a 5 years old curious child named Imad who is consciously refusing to grow up.


Besides being an engineer and an entrepreneur, I have experienced life as a Syrian refugee. I am one among the other 60 million refugees on Earth.

Back in 2011, in Homs-Syria (home), I witnessed an uprising and a war. Like many others, i was a random number in the crowd, at the heart of much suffering and destruction. I reported on the situation as a media activist, then became a refugee. All along, the 5 years old in me kept noticing the other children whose dreams and childhood were being destroyed. I promised my inner child to do something for these children, but at that time, i did not know what nor how.

Fast forward to 2014, in Stockholm-Sweden (also home): I was settling, working in an office and slowly nearing on my 30th birthday. While life looked peaceful and organized on the surface, I was deeply troubled by the memories of the children exposed to such cruel events, and I was eager to use my creativity and resourcefulness to help these children. 

I took my decision to put my engineering career aside, bought an old car, named her "Kate", and hit the road searching for answers to design a sustainable solution. I traveled through many countries and analyzed societies, looking for references that were timeless and universal to all societies. 


Believing that stories can shape our personalities and identities, I started to create stories while volunteering at the Red Cross to help my fellow refugees as they were making their way across continents, swimming upstream like wild salmons to find (home).

My personal conviction that believing in oneself and one’s own dreams can make any place home provided me with the story-line for my first children's book “SARAH'S JOURNEY”, and led me to establish KIDNOVATION.


I believe that every child should have the chance to dream and feel at home. We can only solve our society’s problems and understand the root of any issue by walking in children's shoes. If we neglect the well-being of children, they will grow into adults with many problems which will develop into societal problems.


We cannot send a therapist to every child, but we can pack love & helping tools into awesome stories and send those stories to every child.  This is what KIDNOVATION envisions.

I genuinely want to thank every person who has helped this dream become true, and I deeply appreciate every contribution that has helped to bring this project to life, every word, picture, smile, and even every rejection.


Imad Elabdala