Who We Are

Kidnovation was founded by Imad Elabdala in 2016.


Imad Elabdala was born in Syria. When war engulfed his hometown of Homs, he left his career as a sustainability engineer to take on the role of war correspondent in order to expose the horrors happening around him. In 2013, he fled Syria to resettle in Sweden as a refugee, becoming one of 60 million refugees on Earth.


But the trauma from war remained, and led Imad to dive into psychology. After healing himself, he turned his attention to the many children he had encountered along the way who were still struggling. This was the start of Imad's work to help young people manage emotional trauma.


Today, Imad is an esteemed lecturer and entrepreneur in Sweden. He remains the driving force behind Kidnovation, an innovation company that creates tools for children that help provide healing and a healthy outlook. Kidnovation includes employees, partners and specialist contributors from over 13 different countries!


Imad's work with Kidnovation has been recognised worldwide:

Imad is also the founder of Hero to Be, a non-profit organisation that develops more specialised psychological support, combining research and technology to deliver measurable impact.




Imad Elabdala offers a powerful message of empowerment for young people,

entrepreneurs, change-makers and leaders alike.

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